Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How is this day here already?

  The little boy that made me a Mom and stole my breath and my heart all in the same second is growing up! Chase had his first day of Kindergarten, I have spent the last few days especially asking myself how he grew up so quickly.  You always hear that your children will grow too fast, and then one day you wake up and find out that that is so very true!  He had his Kindergarten orientation last Thursday and has counted down the days since then.  This morning I could hear him as soon as he woke up, "Today I get to go to school."
  (Last night before bed we were talking about our prayer requests and I mentioned praying for Chase and his first day of school, he looked at me and said "Why Mom, I'm not scared!" I told him we would just pray for him to have a good day. His response, "I am going to have a great day!!" He was so excited!!  That turned out to be very true, he had such a great time today!!)

 I saw this idea on pinterest and fell in love with it.  It will be so exciting to see
how he changes throughout the years.

I could never get sick of that smile! 
It melts my heart everytime I see it.
Silly boys, I have no idea what they were doing!
   Yesterday Cody was feeling very sad that Chase would be going to school without him.  Chase put his excitement aside and said "Cody maybe I could hold off on school until you are old enough to go and then we could go together."  Today Cody was excited to get to take Chase to school, I love how they love eachother!

My boys......I am so blessed!

The moment he officially became a Kindergartener!

Daddy made today a special day for Cody too.  He went for a ride - where his pony took off trotting back to the barn with him, this momma was not very happy seeing Spirit trotting acrossed the arena with Cody just bouncing along. (Luke was in the arena with him giving him instructions while I stood on watching-holding my breath) He certainly impressed me though-right before they got to the barn Cody took a firm grip on his reins and pulled back.  Spirit obeyed quickly and came to a rather quick stop.  Cody keeps telling us he's a cowboy-good job buddy!! Daddy and Cody also worked together to trim Spirits hooves.

Cody following Daddy's instructions and doing a very nice job!

This seriously is the best little pony for our boys!  Cody enjoyed loving on him today.

It was a very exciting and day full of firsts.  Chase's first day of school, Cody's first day of getting to be at home on his own with us.  He loves Chase and wants to do just what Chase does, it will be exciting to see him growing into his own little person over the next few weeks.  This Momma's first day away from Chase for school, yes I shed some tears and still may but we made it!  God is so good!
After a day like today these boys were ready for bed!  I love that before they went to sleep Chase took his Grandpa book and put it in his bed (that is what is under the pillow sticking out) and gave Cody his.  I let them sleep with them when they want to but they have to keep them under their pillows so they don't ruin them.  They both wanted their soft Grandpa books wrapped around them (I tell them to pretend Grandpa is giving them a hug when we do this).  My heart is so full with the joy of today and that even though my Dad didn't get to share this day with us he was still a part of it because his Grandkids chose him to be!

I could stare at those sleeping faces all night long!  Thank you Lord for your blessings!

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  1. So cute! You guys are such great parents. I'm so ready for Doug to be home every night again!